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Foothills Firearms Safety, LLC can be found in Sumner, Maine, in the heart of the western Maine foothills. We believe in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all skill levels, where we can all enjoy firearms and shooting sports.

Foothills Firearms Safety, LLC is a Class 7 licensed firearms dealer (FFL) and dealer in NFA items, offering firearm sales, transfers, and related accessories. We also buy and sell used firearms.

In addition to our firearms sales, we offer group and individual instruction for handguns, rifles, black powder rifles, and shotguns. All firearms and ammo are provided, and customers can try before they buy. Instruction includes all safety and fundamentals of shooting before progressing to live firing on the range. All instructors are fully licensed and insured. Customers also have the option of booking Foothills Firearms for a special event. These events are fully catered, and the customer can choose what they would like their party to receive training on and shoot anything from a .22 rimfire to full auto aka a machine gun.

Foothills Firearms Safety is owned by Kelly and Bob Stewart. The business initially started when a firearms instructor approached Kelly with the suggestion that she become a licensed
instructor. This, indeed, did occur and they continue to grow with a focus on providing individualized customer service. Kelly is a licensed mental health provider who works in the Forensic System and is extremely skilled in training individuals who have anxiety and trauma related to firearms. Bob is a Marine Corp Veteran who received an Expert Marksmanship rating during his tenure in the Marine Corps. For over 30 years he has also owned and operated his own auto and heavy equipment repair business. Bob has done all the construction of the retail shop, as well as the pistol range, long range, and 225-yard range.

Joining Bob and Kelly is Steve Gagel. Steve met Kelly during Firearms Instructor Certification and he assists with all aspects of Foothills Firearms Safety. He has a deep passion for all firearms and loves to develop designs for the manufacturing end of the business. When not working at Foothills Firearms, you can find Steve working as a Service Maintenance Technician for WalMart Corporation. Steve is also an extremely talented musician.

We would also like to welcome Judy Lovejoy to the Foothills Firearms team. Judy frequented the gun shop so often that it was decided to put her to work! Judy is retired from an area hospital after 40 years.   During her retirement, she vowed to learn new things and keep her mind active. She fell in love with the shooting sports and that is how it all began. You can find Judy working in the shop or on the range ready to greet you with a big smile.

Ben Santos is our social media manager.  He is a native Mainer who brings 15 years of digital marketing experience to our team.  Besides technology, Ben loves car shows, comic conventions, camping, fishing, and kayaking.  He is also an Eagle Scout!

Foothills Firearms prides itself on providing full customer service. One can buy, trade, sell,
shoot, repair, host a private event, etc. all onsite with full attention to detail. The retail shop also sells a line of rustic decor all Made in Maine. The customer service motto of Foothills Firearms is: “You begin as a customer, but leave as a friend.”


Bob & Kelly Stewart, Owners (left)

Steve Gagel (right)

Judy Lovejoy

Ben Santos

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