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Welcome to Foothills Firearms Safety

Foothills Firearms Safety, LLC is licensed firearms dealer offering firearm sales, transfers, and firearm related accessories. We also buy and sell used firearms.

In addition to our firearms sales, we offer group and individual instruction and safety lessons.

Firearms, Ammunition & Accessories

Individual and Group Lessons & Safety Classes

Covered Pistol Range & Outdoor Range

Special Savings! – 10% Off

Pay in-store during  December with your Oxford Federal Credit Union card and receive 10% off!!

We were chosen as Oxford Federal Credit Union’s “Business of the Month” for December. A huge thank you!! 

Any credit union member paying for a purchase with their Oxford Federal Credit Union debit or credit card gets 10% off throughout December. 

2022 Biggest Buck & Doe Pool

Winners will not be announced until the last day of black powder!

We will weigh and your harvest must be fully dressed! Stop in on the weekends when we are open. During the week please contact us, so we can assure someone can meet and assist you with your weigh. 

$5.00 entry fee for either buck or doe and you can enter both for $10!

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